Self Love Sunday

The “bikini body” workout and diet messages are revved up right now and ready to make you feel like shit. Four years into eating disorder recovery I still feel the tug of the media during the swim season and have to remind myself that my body is perfect exactly the way it is.

Dear Self,
Consider this one of many past and future reminders: your body is perfect exactly the way that it is. Every time that you sidestep the bullshit, bikini-body babble, you are able to be more present to your life. You let your amazing YOU become preoccupied with dancing in the rain, marvelling at the rainbow, and using your skills to solve the problems of the world instead of on calorie math. This is the way that I want life to be for you. On the days when you can battle the ED voices you are a rockstar warrior. And on the days where they get the best of you, you are still a rockstar warrior. No matter what happens, you are a rockstar warrior. And your body is perfect exactly the way it is.

(Via @nourishandeat on Instagram)

4 thoughts on “Self Love Sunday”

  1. Perfect timing!!! I was feeling the (pardon the pun) weight of self-disdain instead of self-love. I am so glad you are on the recovery side of the ED. Let’s always remind each other of the truth of our beauty and that everything else are lies.

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    1. Oh man. I’m glad this was good timing but bummed that you needed it at all. I hope it gave you some ammunition against the self disdain. Yes to our beauty, and to sticking together to fight the lies! Here’s to starting the week by embracing our fabulous-ness!

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