Friday Style

Today I went jean shopping in Cologne, Germany and you know what I decided? Fuck denim. I went thrifting and got sweaty and discombobulated. And then I said “this is crazy just go to a store” and I found a nice store and went in and couldn’t get the jeans over my sweaty ankles.

I’m going to look up some fancy denim boutiques to hit up and start there. I’m generally about 100% thrifting everything but blue jeans in a thrift store dressing room is just too stressful for my delicate sensibilities.

If you think this girl is about to cry then you’re a master at reading human emotion,  That’s sarcasm.  OF COURSE THIS GIRL IS ABOUT TO CRY! The jeans situation is dire.  #firstworldproblems

BUT! I found this Native American-ish scarf and said HELL YES! I LOVE Native American patterns but the colors don’t work for my winter complexion. Good thing it was big and thick enough to want to be a skirt!

About this photo (and why WordPress won’t let me caption it):

  • headscarf by MOI!
  • Heart glasses from consignment store
  • Earrings (full price) from nickel and suede
  • Black necklace (full price) from White House Black Market
  • Yellow necklace from grandma
  • Striped top by Zara via the Goodwill
  • Scarf skirt by…?…via Humana in Cologne
  • Black booties (full price) from Nine West.

Okay I talk a big game about hating denim but I think it’s only because I want it SO BADLY! So many of my favorite outfits in my head are with fantastic blue jeans.

Why can’t I find jeans that a) hit the ground, b) don’t gap around my waist, AND c) don’t expose my pubic hair? So far I’ve only found pairs that meet 2/3 of those criteria.

Advice? Help a sister out!

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