Tall Tips Tuesday

This week’s tip is my favorite: buy yourself some shorts and let ‘er rip. Not the shorts, but your life.  Yes shorts can be that life changing.  If you are tall, chronically ill, and/or like to play, then this tip is for you.

My favorite brand of shorts is Jockey’s women’s slip shorts from Target because they are a lightweight athletic material AND they cover me up. Also they’re NOT SPANX! They’re JUST shorts! #FREEDOM!

Tall problems answers: I bought this BCBG dress at Goodwill and guess what? It’s too short. *Surprise!* Just kidding that’s not a surprise.  Instead of crying I wore slip shorts and then I went to take my recycling to the recycling center.  #missionaccomplished
Chronically ill problems answers: If you zoom in on the right of this photo you’ll see me – a chronically ill person – plopped on the floor of the gallows at the El De House in Cologne.  It doesn’t feel awesome to not be able to support myself in gravity but I’d rather show up, sit down, and learn about the Third Reich than not show up at all.  And wearing shorts means I don’t have to work hard to keep myself covered which is good because I work hard to look awake.
Inner child problems answers: You guys if you wear shorts then you can wear dresses AND do cartwheels in the park!  You can also do cartwheels in the park if you wear a dress withOUT shorts.  It just depends on whether you want an audience.

Shorts are my favorite!

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