The most powerful way to be a woman…

A friend asked me what I thought the biggest problem facing women in our society, or the perception of women in our society, is. My answer came to me almost immediately.

Photo credit: my amazing husband. Location: Cologne, Germany.

The primary problem facing anyone who identifies as a woman in our society is that there is a perceived correct way to be a woman.

I think that someday we will realize that the best, and most powerful, way to be a woman in our society is to be ourselves.

And we will fight for every woman to have that right to be in her power.


The empowered #narcolepsyprincess

2 thoughts on “The most powerful way to be a woman…”

    1. Thank you, Mena! I’m glad it resonated with you! Isn’t it funny/sad/frustrating that women contort themselves into a million different shapes to be this ideal woman that is nothing and everything all at the same time? It’s difficult to wrap my head around if I think about it for too long.


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