Where have you slept?

Where is the strangest place that you’ve ever slept? Was it on purpose? / What was your motivation?

Neurotypicals: your responses are welcomed!

On the floor with a puppy at Thanksgiving. Probably the most “normal” weird place I’ve slept.
On a beach in New Zealand at 9am in the morning after 9 hours of sleep before starting an epic hike.
In the Frankfurt airport before taking the train to Cologne.
On a morning car ride. Yes we absolutely keep pillows and blankets in the car so I can sleep in the car when we drive, and so that I have a safe and comfortable place to nap if we’re in a social situation and I need to dip out for a moment.

There’s a photo somewhere of me sleeping on a bus my first year in college. It was late at night, we were coming back from a co-ed school and I was stone cold sober.  But these are only the places that are documented.  In parks, in class, on SO MANY DIRTY FLOORS and on so many modes of public transportation. And of course under my desk in grad school.

As I think about the weirdest places I’ve napped I realize that I have no perspective on the issue. What counts as “weird” when you’ve slept…everywhere? And when you look at the world through the lens of someone trying to find the most comfortable and socially appropriate horizontal surface in any situation? #narcolepsyprincess

1 thought on “Where have you slept?”

  1. Whenever my kids make a fort by putting a blanket or sheet over the kitchen table and letting it drape down to the floor, I crawl under and fall asleep. Something about sleeping under the table that knocks me out. (Neurotypical)


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