An exploration in post production. Or a pizza place review.

I take my camera with me everywhere these days. Even to the bathroom. I know, it’s weird. But she’s my girl and we have a lot of things to do and to learn, and no time to waste.

On Monday D and I went to a new-to-us pizza place called The Clydesdale Pub and Grill in Port Chester. Let’s get the “review” part out of the way: this place has the best thin crust pizza I’ve had maybe ever. It was so freakin’ crispy and bouncy (not soggy and oily, ya know what I mean?) I could eat it forever. I got a Hawaiian Pizza which I secretly love and NEVER eat because I don’t know anyone who likes and will share a Hawaiian Pizza with me. It was AMAZING. We also ordered the “Port Chester” Pizza which had sausage, pepperoni, and hot peppers. Also delicious! Bottom line: eat there. Molto bene!

What this place had in pizza quality it did NOT have in lighting. I took a quadrillion photos with the plan to experiment with post production, a process that I view as being cloaked in mystery and akin to high wizardry.  I’ve learned a little bit about setting the white point and I’ll admit that part of my intimidation with post production stems from the fact that the iPhotos app (on my new and updated MacBook Pro) has a faulty white point identification system that made me think I was doing everything wrong.  I splurged on an Adobe Lightroom subscription and now things are starting to make more sense.

Below is one of the photos, pre-production.  It is blindingly red/purple and headache-inducing, and I was 100% sure that it was a trash photo.


But THEN, I adjusted the white point, filtered out a lot of red (what is this called? I moved the red saturation to “-32”), and VOILA!

What would you have done differently? Do you have a favorite post-production editing tutorial that would make my life easier? I’m still figuring out what my shooting and editing “style” is but if pushed to answer that question I would say that it is to get as many in-focus shots as possible.  Start with the basics, right?

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