Winter Whites and Gale Force Winds

I recently went to NYFW (read: was in NYC during Fashion Week) because my best friend was in town for a children’s clothing expo.  It just so happens that my best friend is also a professional photographer. So I put on the outfit I’ve been dreaming up since the moment I knew I would be within 100 miles of NYC during fashion week, and dragged her down to Battery Park before thrusting my camera into her hands.

On our way back to our hotel via Korean food, we happened upon an uncovered Subway grate that simulated gale force winds. Since Christa and I become completely blind to social norms when we are together, she pulled out the camera, adjusted the shutter speed, and told me to back up and walk over the grate again. And again. And again. Together we created this effortless looking Marilyn Monroe sequence.

All of these photos were taken in one walk-through because Christa is #goals. The repeats were so that we could capture a boomerang! #millenials

I left this experience with a newfound respect for the calm that Marilyn Monroe portrayed in this situation.  Nothing about this scenario is chill.

Christa and I were in the city together for 4 days and left the camera behind on our other adventures.  I think it’s the first time that we’ve hung out – just the two of us – since 8th grade.  And it was DIVINE!  Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • seeing Wicked for the first time
  • taking a pedicab for the first time
  • going to Stand Up NY
  • eating (pastries, cookie dough, milk bar, sushi, Korean BBQ…)
  • and staying up way too late to talk about nothing and everything every single night.

Outfit details

Headband: Lysande
Teal coat: Talbots via the Charlottesville Goodwill
Denim jacket: Express via the Charlottesville Goodwill
Poppy shirt: no name via my mom’s closet
Bag: LYDC via Rethreads in Charlottesville
White dress: Banana Republic (retail)
Shoes: Naturalizer (retail)

One more thing!

I am over-the-moon-and-beyond THRILLED to say that I was featured on DC Goodwill Fashionista’s Blog this past Friday.  You can read the post here and please be sure to follow her on social media!

2 thoughts on “Winter Whites and Gale Force Winds”

    1. Dawn there was so much panic! And she asked me to do it over and over again so we could get a good boomerang, and every time it was just as bad! But we turn into 12 year old girls when we’re together so we just spent 20 minutes at this grate doubled over laughing.


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