1000 Hours Outside

It’s official – we are going for it! What is “it”, you ask? The 1000HoursOutside challenge and I’m really freakin excited. The goal of the challenge is to spend 1000 hours outside with your kids over the course of the year. While we go for a walk almost every day, the thing I like about the challenge is that it has me thinking about other ways for us to get outside, no matter how small. The other day it was 45 degrees so we bundled up, took a blanket outside, and I ate lunch while Olive demolished an empty peanut butter jar and Hadley rolled on the ground. It was bliss! I love the idea of something like the #52hikes challenge but I did that last year and it got me into a mode of “all or nothing” thinking: I was so focused on big weekend hikes that I missed the opportunity for moments of outdoor time on a daily basis. The 1000 Hours challenge feels more expansive, whimsical, and supportive of my mental health. And in line with my goal of raising Hadley to be a forest creature. I’ll be posting daily updates to our challenge on Olive’s Instagram @olivebug__ if you want to follow along over there!

Have you done the 1000 Hours Outside challenge? Or similar challenges? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings, etc below!

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