A Life Unchosen

I spent an afternoon in nature, with my unborn daughter, a month before she would be born, thinking about the 8 months that we’d been together and the lifetimes that lay before us. Thinking about the effort that went in to growing a healthy human and all that would go into raising her. The physical, the emotional, the financial. And now, almost a year out, the grief of raising her in a world where she has fewer rights than when she was born.

I’ve been trying to find the time to record this poem I wrote in silence, frustrated that I didn’t have a moment to myself. But then I realized ✨that’s the whole point.✨ That I’m a mom. That I have this incredible daughter. That I chose this journey for myself. And still find challenging moments. I finally recorded it while we were eating breakfast this morning. This poem became a collaboration. And my god do I love that for us. Sound on to hear her voice.

Feel the feelings.
Of anger. Of betrayal. Of grief.
For yourself. For your community. For your children.
For the people you’ll never meet who will live a life unchosen.
Let those feelings take root and sprout something so strong that we overtake this.

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