Best Legs

I was voted best legs in high school at a time when I had a raging eat!ng dis0rder, undiagnosed narcolepsy, and anxiety that was totally unchecked. I’ve since gained over 30 pounds through recovery and lost a ton of muscle as I continue to work on finding a healthy relationship with exercise.

What does it mean to glorify someone’s appearance when their health is literal trash? OR when you *just don’t know* how their health is? And what if we just…didn’t glorify things that people don’t have control over in the first place? I know. It’s totally impractical and swimming upstream in society. But what about focusing on things like how persistent someone is when solving a math problem? Or how hard someone works in their sport? Or how well someone knows themself so they know when to ask for help or how someone takes care of themself or creates space for others in their community or puts their work out there for before it’s perfect or listens to their body and moves it however makes sense for them?

#CellulitSunday is my effort to reclaim my body from years and years of bullsh!t. To love my body for all that it DOES for me, and not how it looks. To thank my body because it houses me and is the vehicle for every adventure past, present, and future. So I find it a funny twist that when I post this, the quality of the video is going to degrade so intensely that you’re not going to be able to see any of the texture and cellulite on my legs. As I’m learning to love my own body, using zero filters, and just trying to exist, you’re going to see something totally different. Just be reminded of that when you’re browsing the internet.

What is something your body does for you? Or that you do for your body? Today I took my daughter to the beach and swam with her in a neon pink bikini because why the heck not?

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