Joy in the Dark

I am in a season of flying by the seat of my pants, moving at a speed that is totally unsustainable, reacting more than creating, day after day after day.

But then this week I pulled out my camera for the first time in too long. I took my creatures down to the beach and just captured them being…them. I love having snaps of the two of them together, their relationship, the way they coexist, and, more and more, interact directly. Of Hadley as she works on finding steady ground in this new neighborhood that we love so dearly. Of the seasons as they change from the warmth,  safety, and vibrancy of fall to winter – melancholy, desolate, and cutthroat. This photo is a reminder of so much joy to be had in individual moments even when the average of every day feels stressful and sometimes even unbearable.

I’m practicing feeling the dark feelings while still allowing myself moments of joy and light if and when I find them. For anyone else in a version of this stage, I invite you to join me in this dichotomy.

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