I hate beginnings and endings and transitions in general. I get stuck. I’m a recovering perfectionist and transitions are my kryptonite because they’re when the overthinking happens.  I either jump into the middle or I don’t jump in at all.  The formalities make me uncomfortable – what do I say? What does Emily Post think I should say? How long do we say those things? Are we done now? Can we get to the real stuff? I get antsy and people think I have to go to the bathroom because I’m squirming but really I’m just ready to START.  Can we START ALREADY?!

Yes. Let’s start. I’m Michelle. My research, interests, and volunteer work are centered around inequality – primarily early childhood education and increasing access for kids and families to a variety of resources.  I love working with kids.  And I love teaching – especially math. To girls. Bonus if math makes up their worst nightmares.  I love sequins. And I love playing in the dirt. I love hearing the stories that people have to tell and am eager to understand how you see the world. Comments are encouraged and highly valued! As such, I allow them to be anonymous and not requiring of any registration.

My goals for this blog are for it to be honest and representative of me: my battle with sleep and mental illness (#narcolepsyprincess), my love of (tall) style, my cat lady-ness, my various pursuits of self-expression, my endless quest for self-love, and my passion for equal access to social and economic resources for all people.

Thank you to my brilliant best friend, and whyandwhale founder, Christa Holmes, for letting me throw glitter around with her babies and for photographing the process!