1000 Hours Outside

It's official - we are going for it! What is "it", you ask? The 1000HoursOutside challenge and I’m really freakin excited. The goal of the challenge is to spend 1000 hours outside with your kids over the course of the year. While we go for a walk almost every day, the thing I like about… Continue reading 1000 Hours Outside

Snow Day!

We got our first big snow in Connecticut the other week and decided to turn it into a whole event: fire pit, s'mores, snow angels, hot chocolate, the whole nine yards! What are your favorite snowy day traditions? I always look forward to getting into fresh snow and following that time up with the richest… Continue reading Snow Day!

Vermont Looks Good on Her

The weather is weird. We've gotten a total of mayyyybe 1 inch of snow in SW Connecticut over the last few months. It's WEIRD. This weekend we decided we needed snow and space, vistas, mountains, and adventure. I love hiking in the Hudson Valley near where we live but I realized recently that I really… Continue reading Vermont Looks Good on Her