Tall Tip Tuesday!

This is the first post in the #talltiptuesday series, inspired by Stasia Savasuk and her #sistertiptuesday!

When Stasia announced the 6th round of Style School at the end of last year I thought “I’m doing it!”  But then I thought, “I’m a 6 ft tall triangle. There is no amount of wisdom in the world that is going to help me put together what I WANT to wear since I can’t even find a shirt that both covers my wrists AND my belly button.  My body is hopeless and I’m doomed!”  #shakespeareanmelodrama

L to R: Wearing dad’s college basketball shorts and brother’s too-small shirt; Wearing an expensive, too-short shirt AND SLEEPING ON THE PVTA while stone cold sober! Narcolepsy much?; I give up.

Stasia calmed my fears and I went on to let SSS6 change my life.  Today I have a combo tip/sappy message of hope for all of the tall gals out there who, like me, are frustrated that you’ll never find clothes that will allow you to express your personality because the legs are too short, the sleeves are too short, the WAIST is ALWAYS TOO SHORT!  OR you’re a triangle and you can’t find dresses that fit your top half AND your bottom half.

This is my formula as a tall triangle.

These days, I put on some tights (winter) or skim shirts (summer) and tie a shirt at my real waist – over a baggy dress with a wonky, too short waist – and I’m freakin done!  Once I understood what my proportions were (thank you, Stasia!), I was able to gerryrig tall outfits using items from thrift stores that worked for me and my power words.  Now I have access to basically any dress anywhere ever.

Why yes, that is Matisse’s blue nude with Tobias Funke’s cutoff jean shorts.  #nevernude #arresteddevelopment

The bottom line is that if you don’t feel fantastic, “change your pants, change your life” i.e. it’s not about your body, it’s about the damn clothes.  This is my favorite Stasia-ism!  Because why should any of us ever feel frustrated about having the body that we have?  There’s nothing we can do about it except love it, adorn it, and use it to do all of the amazing things that we have planned for ourselves!


Self Love Sunday

The “bikini body” workout and diet messages are revved up right now and ready to make you feel like shit. Four years into eating disorder recovery I still feel the tug of the media during the swim season and have to remind myself that my body is perfect exactly the way it is.

Dear Self,
Consider this one of many past and future reminders: your body is perfect exactly the way that it is. Every time that you sidestep the bullshit, bikini-body babble, you are able to be more present to your life. You let your amazing YOU become preoccupied with dancing in the rain, marvelling at the rainbow, and using your skills to solve the problems of the world instead of on calorie math. This is the way that I want life to be for you. On the days when you can battle the ED voices you are a rockstar warrior. And on the days where they get the best of you, you are still a rockstar warrior. No matter what happens, you are a rockstar warrior. And your body is perfect exactly the way it is.

(Via @nourishandeat on Instagram)

Eating and Bodies

Eating disorder recovery is one of the best and hardest things I’ve ever done.  Below are books, people, and other resources that I am committed to, through and through, in addition to those resources on the Mindfulness page.  None of these are meant to substitute for care from a licensed physician and/or therapist and for medication.

If you have resources you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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