The most powerful way to be a woman…

A friend asked me what I thought the biggest problem facing women in our society, or the perception of women in our society, is. My answer came to me almost immediately. The primary problem facing anyone who identifies as a woman in our society is that there is a perceived correct way to be a… Continue reading The most powerful way to be a woman…

Tall Tip Tuesday!

This is the first post in the #talltiptuesday series, inspired by Stasia Savasuk and her #sistertiptuesday! When Stasia announced the 6th round of Style School at the end of last year I thought "I'm doing it!"  But then I thought, "I'm a 6 ft tall triangle. There is no amount of wisdom in the world… Continue reading Tall Tip Tuesday!

Self Love Sunday

The "bikini body" workout and diet messages are revved up right now and ready to make you feel like shit. Four years into eating disorder recovery I still feel the tug of the media during the swim season and have to remind myself that my body is perfect exactly the way it is. Dear Self,… Continue reading Self Love Sunday

Eating and Bodies

Eating disorder recovery is one of the best and hardest things I've ever done.  Below are books, people, and other resources that I am committed to, through and through, in addition to those resources on the Mindfulness page.  None of these are meant to substitute for care from a licensed physician and/or therapist and for medication. If… Continue reading Eating and Bodies