Perspective on the Patio

We stayed at the Fraser Highlands resort in New Zealand while we were exploring Abel Tasman park.  Sketching the table and trellis was another lesson in perspective and parallel lines.  Parallel lines are kicking my ass!

M draws table, trellis, and BBQ.
D draws glass of wine and water bottle.

Drawing competition 1

Darrell and I had a drawing competition on the beach at Wharariki. This is how we honeymoon. I think it’s clear who won. I mean, look at those high heels and the detailing on the pumpkin trick-or-treat basket.  D sketched the view of the rocks (and the sketchbook!) from where we were sitting.

One of the most wild hikes.  It was maybe a mile each way?  But we walked through rolling hills filled with sheep until we got to…the beach.  It felt like it came out of nowhere! Which is a good analogy for thinkng about New Zealand geography.  It changes so quickly and so frequently.

Quick! Can you get a shot of me with the sheep?
We made it!