The Misty Bear and Nimbus Lifestyle Hostel for People Who Have Morning Hands and Other People Who Have Weird Things Too

Happy Sleepy Saturday.  Today I have an exciting announcement! The community you've been dreaming about is finally here. I'm thrilled to announce that Misty Bear, Nimbus and I are expanding our lifestyle hostel! Are you jealous of your cat? Do you wish you could sleep whenever and wherever you want without feeling shame and guilt? Do you… Continue reading The Misty Bear and Nimbus Lifestyle Hostel for People Who Have Morning Hands and Other People Who Have Weird Things Too

Diabetes isn’t a choice, and neither is mental illness.

Before leaving the appointment my medical chart changed forever. I got a clean bill of mental health in exchange for a neurological disease as my neurologist struck a line through “depression”, “anxiety”, and “ADHD” and wrote “narcolepsy with cataplexy”. We would revisit those diagnoses later, but until proven otherwise, he explained, those were all misdiagnoses for narcolepsy. I felt like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders that day. I felt the relief of finally being SEEN by the medical profession for the first time in my life. And, wait for it, the relief at not having a mental illness. Yes. I would rather have a neurological disease than a mental illness, even though the symptoms can manifest in similar ways. Our society viewed me as “crazy” before my narcolepsy diagnosis, and “sick” after the diagnosis. Why?

It’s okay to not be okay

I don't look this cute right now and I'm not smiling because I'm frustrated with my body for not letting me to do what I want to do. So why am I posting this photo? I'm trying to channel this girl's happiness, self acceptance, and peace with her diagnosis. The girl in this photo is… Continue reading It’s okay to not be okay

Mental Health Awareness Tips

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and below is my number one tip for being helpful if your friend opens up to you about something: After showing your concern, ask your friend what their experience of whatever the label is that they tell you about. The people who know me and have seen my life… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Tips

Sleep Awareness Saturday

I'd like to welcome you to the very first #sleepawarenesssaturday! This is where I repost things I found on the internet, hold your face tenderly in my hands, and say lovingly "my dear, you might have a sleep disorder experience this even after sleeping an average of at least 6 hours each night." Or you might just be a perfectly healthy cat.