Xyrem Vol. 6: One Year

I took my first dose of Xyrem 365 days ago TODAY.  Am I better? YES! Am i still sleepy? Yes.  About 2 months ago the reality of my narcolepsy set in: managing my sleepiness is, and always will be, something I work at every single day.  You might think - “Well, yeah. You have narcolepsy. … Continue reading Xyrem Vol. 6: One Year

The Fantastic 4-4-4: My grad school success plan

Please enjoy these photos of sleepy kittens while I express my frustration with my psychiatrist. I saw my psychiatrist today for the first time since my narcolepsy type 1 diagnosis.  I knew what her reaction was going to be when I told her and I should have put on my big girl pants and gotten ready for it but… Continue reading The Fantastic 4-4-4: My grad school success plan

From AIP Paleo to Crystal Light

If you had told me 5 years ago at the height of my Paleo neuroses that the key to getting my health under control wasn't kale and egg yolks but rather sodium oxybate and crystal light I woulda thought you were out of your damn mind.  Wait. Actually I would have said "WTF you mean… Continue reading From AIP Paleo to Crystal Light

Narcolepsy Resources

My story I was diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy - narcolepsy with cataplexy - in February 2017 after battling the disease for 20+ years misdiagnosed.  The relief I felt after finally finding my medical home makes my Diagnosis Day second only to my wedding day as the happiest day of my life! Narcolepsy is widely… Continue reading Narcolepsy Resources