The Bear Bulletin Vol. 4

This is part of an ongoing series in which I round up a week’s worth of bear photos along with some thoughts on my photography.  You can find previous volumes of The Bear Bulletin here.

This week’s Bear Bulletin turned into a study of black and white photos.  The bears were being intensely adorable as they stared out the window in our bedroom, which meant that I shot directly into the sun for most of the photos.  I loved the silhouettes I captured so after playing around in Lightroom for a while and realizing that I wasn’t going to get what I needed with color, I finally opted for black and white.

How do you decide when a photo should be in black and white versus in color?


DSCF0344Beginning this week, there will be a new segment in which Darrell writes about the bears’ behavior and snuggle status, among other things.

Bear snuggles are up 2.75 on a promise of tasty food.  While Michelle was out of town for NY fashion week, the bears stole and ate part of a carrot out of a casserole dish on the stove, and I cleaned it up the next day when it didn’t agree with Misty Bear’s stomach. That’s the Bear Report, TM, INC, MD.

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