Put on your oxygen mask before assisting other passengers

Dear Diary,

This is what he was elected to do. This – these judicial appointments – is what I was most scared of leading up to November. This is how he will Make America Great Again. And this is how 40 years of progress roll off a cliff.

I’m signing off of the news for now. Sure, I’ll be on social media, compulsively checking fashion bloggers on Instagram. But I give myself permission to step back. I have important things to do that nurture my mind and soul and I can’t connect to those parts of me when I’m reading every rumor about the goings on of Gilead.

I’m not going to be as productive this week as I planned. I need to re-prioritize (yoga, time with friends, snuggles with bears, editing my talk for Project Sleep) and refamiliarize myself with my Trump era guidelines and that needs to be enough. It is enough.

I do believe I will get through this but I also think I will have to fight tooth and nails for what is right, because there aren’t always good people on both sides. What I know now that I didn’t in February, 2017 is that I need to put on my own oxygen mask before assisting others.



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