A Snowy Beach Walk and Other Tools to Battle the Winter Blues

You know that feeling when you’ve been in the house for two weeks hibernating from a frozen bomb cyclone tundra and you haven’t had the sun on your skin and you start feeling off but you don’t know why?  And then your BFFLS come to visit and you go on a fabulous snowy beach walk and get in exercise, and goofing-off-time, and sunshine, and the smell of sea air, and you didn’t even know that was exactly what you needed until you get home and you can’t stop smiling?

The winter blues are real.  And I always forget how important getting outside is for my mood until I do it after a period of serious grumpiness.  Let this post serve as your weekly reminder to walk out to the mailbox or park far away from your office so you can move your body for a little longer than usual and soak up those precious sunbeams!

A few other things I do to keep my spirits up during the gray months are

You can find more resources on my mental health resource page and on the eating and bodies resource page. None of these substitute for the care of a licensed medical professional, therapist, and/or medication.

What do you do to battle seasonal sadness?

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