March for Our Lives

This week’s Bear Bulletin is postponed due to the March for Our Lives.  I am eager to share photos from Austin, and interested in hearing your experiences at marches around the country.March for Our Lives Austin TX

To be honest, this is the first march I went to, I stayed for an hour to take photos, and I missed the speeches. Marching for 3 hours is just not something I can do with narcolepsy. But I’m finally doing well enough on my meds that I can be at the start of the march (on time) and stick around for an hour.

I’ve beat myself up about it and been so ashamed that I’m not pulling my weight. But I’m letting those feelings go. I can show up NOW! I can take and share photos that preserve and amplify the movement.

Photos from marches over the last year are what gave me hope when I was home in bed, groggily scrolling through the ‘gram at 1pm on a Saturday. I hope that these photos fuel your enthusiasm, if something is keeping you from participating the way that you want to.

So here we are! I spent most of my time at the march covered in goosebumps with my eyes watering, as I felt true hope for the first time in months.

The youth in our country have mobilized in a remarkable way and it was an honor to walk alongside them, to see them owning their power, and to see them stepping into their duty as members of a democratic society.  Below are portraits from the march.  They are portraits of kiddos, high schoolers, teachers, grandparents, Texas men, mothers, among so many others who I approached about photographing them and their signs.  There is a fierce, fiery, hope and determination visible on these faces that comes from the frustration of being silenced and vulnerable.  Enough is enough.

Photos in the gallery below show signs without faces.

Did you go to a march? Did you participate in the entire march? What did you think of the speeches? If you manage chronic or mental illness, how does that help or hinder your ability to participate in sociopolitical movements?

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